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Xalqdan savol 16
Xalqdan savol 16
Xalqdan savol 15
Xalqdan savol 15
Online radio dasturi "" 20.10.2015
Online radio dasturi "" 20.10.2015
A number of structures subordinated to the Ministry of Finance have been transformed or transferred to other ministries and departments

In accordance with the President's Decree "On measures to further improve the activities of financial bodies," there have been changes in the funds and certain structures accountable to the Ministry of Finance.

In particular, the Fund for Calculations on Agricultural Products Purchased for State Needs and the Fund for Reclamation of Irrigated Lands have been transferred to the Complex of the Cabinet of Ministers for Agriculture and Water Resources, Processing of Agricultural Products and Consumer Goods.

At the same time, the Fund for Calculations on Agricultural Products Purchased for State Needs is entrusted with the functions of the abolished State Incentive Fund for equipping the village with agricultural machinery.

Extrabudgetary Fund for the Development of the Material-Technical Base of Educational and Medical Institutions is being created on the basis of the Extrabudgetary Fund for the Reconstruction, Overhaul and Equipping of Elementary Schools, Professional Colleges, Academic Lyceums and Medical Institutions, and the Fund for the Development of the Material-Technical Base of Higher Educational Institutions.

Also, in the structure of the Ministry of Finance, the Aral Sea Coastal Regions Development Fund is being created.

The republican Inspection of medical and social expertise and its territorial subdivisions passes to the system of the Ministry of Health, and the sectors of district and city divisions of financial bodies to monitor the appointment and payment of social benefits and material assistance to needy families and citizens are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labor.

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