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Tinchlik uchun Afg 2018
Tinchlik uchun Afg 2018
120 SONIYA 26 03 2018 17 00
120 SONIYA 26 03 2018 17 00
Online radio dasturi "" 20.10.2015
Online radio dasturi "" 20.10.2015
News of NAEMM
Delegation of OSCE ODIHR observers visited NAEMM

November 25, 2016 in the framework of introductory and working visit to NAEMM was a meeting with a delegation Mission Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Observers (ODIHR) of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) - with the Head of the ODIHR Mission delegation to monitor the Presidential elections Uzbekistan Johan Peter Traugott Tejler and expert on media Inta Lase.
During the meeting, the guests got acquainted with the work carried out by non-governmental television and radio channels of NAEMM members in the framework of the Program of basic activities on preparation and holding of elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which will be held December 4, 2016. According to this program it have been completed 7 training seminar recently on electoral issues with the participation of international experts from Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, France and Germany.
It were presented ot the Ambassador a number of media projects, in particular, the work of the Information Center - which brings together news from all regions under one information brand «Uzbekistan online», Radio Informational Center- comprises 15 radio stations, as well as a special radio program "The diary of elections", prepared in cooperation with a German journalist during the seminar-training. The presented videos on socially important topic - increasing legal literacy and electoral activity of the population, especially the youth, aroused interest in visitors.
During familiarization with the project of the Youth Studio - in which the youth TV quiz goes on electoral issues, and preparing content to enhance the activity of young people, the Ambassador was told about the last seminar on promotion of elective content on social networks with the participation of the editor in chief of the AFP in Paris. A separate project has been presented current programs "My voice", which is prepared in a variety of formats, the ability to connect on-line from the regions in real time, in which the debates are also preparing with authorized representatives of presidential candidates. The guests witnessed the shooting of one of these debates.
After familiarization with the the media projects the guests were able to discuss their questions at the round table.
The head of delegation Mission ODIHR Election Observation of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Johan Peter Tejler after the meeting gave an interview to Information Programme «Uzbekistan online»:
- The media play a very important role when it comes to freedom of speech and freedom of the media, and it does not matter, it is private, public or community media. The purpose of our visits to media studio - a better understanding of the media landscape in covering electoral processes, since it is part of our evaluation work.

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