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SIZBOP 17.01.2017
SIZBOP 17.01.2017
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LIKE BOS 17.01.2017
Online radio dasturi "" 20.10.2015
Online radio dasturi "" 20.10.2015
News of NAEMM
The results of the seminar-training on PSAs

December 9th of this year in an online training center "Bunyodkor" held the closing ceremony of a seminar-training on the theme "Promoting tolerance messages, equality, non-discrimination and the fight against terrorism by means of PSAs" with the director of the Center for Media, Data and Society Marius Dragomir (Europe, Romania) for the creative and technical teams and representatives of NAEMM and NTRC.

During the seminar, organized by the initiative of NAEMM and UNESCO Representative Office in Uzbekistan, the participants studied the international experience through the theory and practice; how are the PSAs produced, how and what to do with PSAs in order to attracte the attention of a specific audience. Also there were discussed 5 basic principles of PSAs, such as: an audience, a message, a performance, etc. These principles are very important to observe in order to prepare a good social product. The seminar was interesting, of course there wasn’t without active discussions of the developed scripts and ideas of the team.

At the closing ceremony was shown 2 videos, which were filmed at the seminar. The representatives of NAEMM and UNESCO estimated the PSAs, and gave their recommendations.

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