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Tinchlik uchun Afg 2018
Tinchlik uchun Afg 2018
120 SONIYA 26 03 2018 17 00
120 SONIYA 26 03 2018 17 00
Online radio dasturi "" 20.10.2015
Online radio dasturi "" 20.10.2015
News of NAEMM
Press-club: To be continued

As previously reported, in Hotel International Hotel Tashkent on December 21 was held a meeting in the format of Media-event organized by the National Association of Electronic Mass Media of Uzbekistan (NAEMM) and a number of partners.

It was noted that initiated by civil society organizations and non-governmental structures 

Press-club: ELECTIONS.UZ 2016 proved to be an effective platform for dialogue and openness and transparency in the preparation and conduct of elections of the President of Uzbekistan. The journalists of independent electronic media was prepared by more than 3 thousand units of media content. The work of the Press Club caused a wide public response and was highly appreciated by both domestic and foreign experts and journalists.

 - Successive reforms for the development of a strong civil society in Uzbekistan are demanding further improvement of the media. Announcement of the next year in our country the “Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests” will bring a new level of measures taken to ensure the freedom of speech and the media will serve for the further development. All of this requires the creation of a modern and creative media arena to bring to the population, in particular young people, the essence and significance of the reforms, to discuss draft laws - said the first deputy chairman of the Senate Sadik Safayev.


- I have no doubt that the activities of the Press-Club will be continued, - said the director of the National Centre for Human Rights, Akmal Saidov. - It will play a significant role in the implementation of the program of the “Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests”. And it becomes independent media arena to share important ideas, which are both national and international interests.

 - The organization of the activity of the Press-Club on a regular basis, according to the chairman of the National Association of Electronic Mass Media of Uzbekistan Firdavs Abdukhalikov - will further improve the dialogue with the people, objective and timely coverage of political, social and economic reforms in our country since the widespread use of innovative methods. This will further strengthen the role and authority of the media in society and the state in the conditions of dynamic development of information and communication technologies.

 Christa PIKKAT, head of the UNESCO office in Uzbekistan:

- Activities of the Press-Club are primarily aimed at the interests of the people and are aimed at dialogue with society. This is due to the development of your country on democratic principles. 

Press Club is sure to find its place in society and will actively operate. The result of his work will be a prompt, reliable and impartial work of the mass media of the republic.

 Masud MANNAN, Bangladesh Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Uzbekistan:

 - Announcement of 2017 in Uzbekistan the “Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests” will bring the people of the Republic, new achievements and successes. This will strengthen the relationship between government and citizens, which means that the development of democratic processes will continue. Of course, it is important in all of this the role of the media, that’s why the continuation of the Press-Club is very important.

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