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O‘zbekiston madaniy merosi dunyo to‘plamlarida
O‘zbekiston madaniy merosi dunyo to‘plamlarida
O‘zbekiston madaniy merosi dunyo to‘plamlarida uzb
O‘zbekiston madaniy merosi dunyo to‘plamlarida uzb
Online radio dasturi "" 20.10.2015
Online radio dasturi "" 20.10.2015
Construction of the aboveground metro line has begun in Tashkent

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the progress of construction works. 

Consistent work is being carried out at the initiative of the Head of our state on development and modernization of the transport and communication system, providing transport services at the modern level. 

Construction of the aboveground metro line has begun in Tashkent taking into account the needs of the population, as well as further development of the capital. 

50,5 kilometers of this metro line, total length of which is 52,1 kilometers, is decided to be laid on the ground using the overpass that is 6 meters in height, the other 1,6 kilometers – on the ground. 

The project, designed for 2017-2021, will be implemented in five stages. A line from “Dustlik” station of Tashkent Metro to the “Kuylik” market will be built in the first stage. The length of the line will be 11 kilometers, it is planned to build eight stations. 

At the second stage, the metro line will connect the “Kuylik” market and “Olmazor” metro station. At the third stage, a line will be built between “Olmazor” and “Beruni” stations. At the next stage the metro line will connect the stations of “Beruni” and “Bodomzor”. At the last stage, the metro line will be connected to the “Dustlik” station. 

At present, the laying of monolithic concrete racks for the overpass has begun. Construction work is being carried out by the collective of the unitary enterprise “Kuprik kurilish tresti” (“Bridge construction trust”) under the “Uzbekiston temir yullari” (“Uzbekistan railways”) JSC. 

The Head of our state got acquainted with the progress of construction. 

The construction of this comprehensively convenient, accessible and safe transport network has a huge socio-economic significance for the capital, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev. Issues of ensuring the needs of the population and guests of Tashkent in modern transport services are under the constant attention of the state. Convenient solutions for the population are being used in implementation of this new project. 

The President of our country gave appropriate instructions to responsible persons on commissioning of a new modern transport line until 2020. 

The Head of our state held a meeting with the heads of relevant ministries and departments, khokims of the capital’s districts, activists of the city, at the citizens’ gathering of “Vatandosh” makhalla. At the meeting that was held in the format of an open dialogue, measures that are being implemented in the spheres of public services, transport, education, medicine, science, and other actual issues awaiting their solution, were discussed. 

Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited a store of agricultural products located in the territory of the makhalla, asked about the assortment and prices for the products. 

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