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Video-announcement: Congress in St. Petersburg "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan"
Video-announcement: Congress in St. Petersburg "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan"
"Silk and gold of Bukhara: ambassadorial gifts of the emirs of Bukhara in the meeting of the MAE RAS"
"Silk and gold of Bukhara: ambassadorial gifts of the emirs of Bukhara in the meeting of the MAE RAS"
Online radio dasturi "" 20.10.2015
Online radio dasturi "" 20.10.2015
Regional Youth TV and Radiostudios in the focus of developing media
January 29, 2008 Youth TV & Radio Studios will be equipped with the latest technology through grants allocated by the NAEMM. All of this was noted during the two-day seminar on ...
12.12.2012 13:39
"Improvement of musical policyof FMradiostations and ideological criteria for musical content"
April 22, 2007. Tashkent hosted a round table where representatives of FM radio stations discussed the current state of the program content of radio stations ...
12.12.2012 13:38
Staff of Bukhara TV station visited STV
April 7, 2008 within the framework of the development program of non-state television and radio broadcasters for 2008 60 representatives television stations of Bukhara "Istiqlol", "Koinot" and "Osiyo ...
12.12.2012 13:37
"Socialization of youth as object and subject of journalistic innovation"
April 29-30, May 1-2, 2008 Within the framework of the "Year of Youth" State Program project titled "Creation and development of youth television and radio studios" of "Kelajak ovozi", NAEMM, ...
12.12.2012 13:36
“Broadcast management, observance of current legislation - advanced feature of activity of editor in chief”
May 3, 2008. A seminar, supported by Creative Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan, took place for the editors in chief of regional television stations on “Broadcast management ...
12.12.2012 13:34
Media resources as segments of the market economy
A seminar on “Media resources as segments of a market economy: social, financial and information options in a competitive environment&rdquo ...
12.12.2012 13:33
Word of youth in modern TV journalism
During the media days, held on June 22-23 in Fergana according to the state program “Year of Youth”, as a result of first half of the year ...
12.12.2012 13:29
“Most active journalist of the year”
June 27, 2008. Final results of “Most active journalist of the year” competition were summed up and  declared by Creative Union of Journalists of the Uzbekistan. Inomali Yavmitov ...
12.12.2012 13:28
Members of Parliament commission visited the NAEMM
July 12, 2008. Members of Public Fund for Support of NGOs and Other Civil Society Institutions ...
12.12.2012 13:27
Social spots – in laconic and expressive scenes
During 6 days, on July 21-26, approximately 50 journalists, editors and cameramen representing nongovernmental TV studios, studied criteria of features of producing public social advertisement. Well ...
12.12.2012 13:22
Media about the rights of children
On August 11-14 NAEMM with UNICEF representative office in Uzbekistan organized 4-day seminar on “Media and the rights of child&rdquo ...
12.12.2012 13:21
Media-week held under the motto: “We are looking to the future!”
Media week, full of joy and interesting meetings was organized for more than 70 young journalists and cameramen. From August 16 to 21 more than 70 young journalists and cameramen from Bukhara ...
12.12.2012 13:18
“Young journalists of independence: youth life ON AIR.”
August 21, 2008. Dialogue, which began at the youth festival "We are looking to the future!" continued within the framework of the 3rd Youth Media Forum “Young journalists of independence ...
12.12.2012 13:17
Regional TV stations are preparing for the opening the youth Radio stations
November 5, 2008. Heads of nongovernmental TV stations and journalists of information service gathered for discussion of the projects within the scope of State program “Year of Youth&rdquo ...
12.12.2012 13:16
Reports about “bird flu”
From November 13 to 21, 2008 NAEMM and UNICEF carried out a project to conduct a number of seminars in the regions for the journalists on “Broad public awareness about the consequences of ...
12.12.2012 13:15
Youth radios and filming studios opened in Karakalpakstan and Khorezm
December 3-4, 2008. On the eve of the 16th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, NAEMM, Creative Union of Journalists, and “Kelajak ovozi&rdquo ...
12.12.2012 13:14
Human rights on the TV and Radio programs of NAEMM.
December 9, 2008. Tashkent hosted a media-conference on “State-Media-Society: strengthening civil orientation of media-communications&rdquo ...
12.12.2012 13:13
The First National Festival of Social TV spots
December 12, 2008 Results of the First National Festival of Social advertisement were summed up in Tashkent ...
12.12.2012 13:12