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O'zbekiston online 25 09 2017 18 00
O'zbekiston online 25 09 2017 18 00
O'zbekiston online 25 09 2017 14 00
O'zbekiston online 25 09 2017 14 00
Online radio dasturi "" 20.10.2015
Online radio dasturi "" 20.10.2015
Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with Dmitry Medvedev
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. Dmitry Medvedev welcomed Shavkat Mirziyoyev on behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation. ...
05.04.2017 / 19:44
Innovative Production of Cosmetics to Be Launched in FEZ Navoi
Uzbekistan, for the first time in years of independence, can launch the production of innovative cosmetic products based on international standards. The new production is planned to be organized on the territory of the Navoi Free Economic Zone ...
05.04.2017 / 16:16
Uzbekistan and Russia Will Be Establishing the Exchange of Data on Goods from Uzbekistan
The Federal Customs Service of Russia and the State Customs Committee of Uzbekistan will conclude a Protocol on the exchange of data characterizing the customs value of goods originating in Uzbekistan and imported into Russia. ...
05.04.2017 / 16:14
In Moscow, an exhibition of the Karakalpak Museum named after Savitsky
"It happened what we have been waiting for a long time, we are opening an exhibition of an absolutely legendary collection," emphasized the director of the Pushkin Museum Marina Loshak. What is so unique in the museum ...
05.04.2017 / 11:16
Shavkat Mirziyoyev is on a state visit in Moscow
Yesterday, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev arrived in Moscow at the invitation of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on a state visit. For today the main activities of the visit are outlined. ...
05.04.2017 / 11:15
A number of structures subordinated to the Ministry of Finance have been transformed or transferred to other ministries and departments
In accordance with the President's Decree "On measures to further improve the activities of financial bodies," there have been changes in the funds and certain structures accountable to the Ministry of Finance. In particular ...
04.04.2017 / 12:36
State TV will increase the number of programs involving government representatives
In the second half of the year, TV channels will broadcast programs that will examine the results of the research conducted by the Independent Institute for Monitoring Civil Society Formation and analyzing the activities of state bodies ...
04.04.2017 / 12:35
People Can Get a Discount on the Purchase of a New Household Appliance after Handing over the Old
Uzbekistan citizens for the first time get the opportunity to hand over old household appliances and get a coupon for a preferential right to purchase new household appliances. ...
03.04.2017 / 12:59
In Uzbekistan, the season of dangerous delicacies came
The Ministry of Emergency Situations drew attention to the fact that only 25 species of 300 growing mushroom species in Uzbekistan are edible. ...
03.04.2017 / 11:09
Today the outstanding scientist of Uzbekistan, Academician Edward Vasilievich Rtveladze celebrates his 75th anniversary
The scientific activity of Edward Rtveladze covers the ancient and medieval history and archeology of Central Asia, the art and culture of these periods, as well as related auxiliary historical disciplines - numismatics and epigraphy ...
16.05.2017 / 19:09
International Congress "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan - the way to dialogue between peoples and countries" started work
UzbekistanToday correspondents begin detailed coverage of the international congress "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan - the way to dialogue between peoples and countries." Its program is designed for two days ...
16.05.2017 / 17:19
The project "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the collections of the world" was presented
Today in the first half of the day at the international congress "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan - the way to dialogue between peoples and countries" a presentation of a unique project ...
16.05.2017 / 17:09
The next training seminar is held in NAEMM
On March 27, an interactive hands-on training seminar was started at the Bunyodkor television complex in Tashkent under the leadership of Marius Dragomir, director of the media center at the Central European University of Hungary ...
27.03.2017 / 15:12
The meeting with a prominent expert on civil society, Lester Salamon was held at NAEMM
At the National Association of Electronic Mass Media was held a meeting with the head of the Center for Civil Society Studies at Johns Hopkins University (USA) Lester Salamon. The guest got acquainted with the activity of the association ...
24.03.2017 / 16:59
A contest for journalists of electronic media was announced
The National Association of Electronic Media of Uzbekistan and the Creative Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan announces the beginning of applications for the contest "Navruz - an eternal holiday", dedicated to the national holiday Navruz. ...
22.03.2017 / 18:59
Interactive practical seminar with the participation of famous German journalist René Falkner
The National Association of Electronic Mass Media (NAEMM) regularly conducts training seminars, master classes with the participation of international experts from the United States, Germany, the CzechRepublic, Lithuania ...
15.03.2017 / 16:39
More than 1,000 people took part in a media week
Today, on January 27 at the Metropolitan Hotel International Tashkent held a final press conference on the results of a media week for public discussions of the project ...
27.01.2017 / 15:34
Tashkent hosted a round table on public discussions of the project Strategy of actions
On January 27, 2017 in the «International Hotel Tashkent» (Crystall Ball Room) in the framework of the media week was held an international round table. On the focus of the experts, journalists, representatives of public authorities ...
27.01.2017 / 14:48